Southern greenland itinerary:  an experience of a lifetime

Greenland is the world's largest island and is an exhilarating travel experience for anyone looking to journey through what is commonly known to be Greenland's Yosemite. Powderbird Greenland invites you to to experience the culture, history, outdoor activities, and Greenlandic environment that makes this country so breathtaking.

Getting To Greenland

When traveling to Southern Greenland our guests will begin their journey in Nuuk (GOH) the international hub and capital of Greenland. After clearing customs, our guests have the option to book a short commercial or private Dash-8 Turboprop flight to Narsarsuaq (UAK), Greenland, your gateway to the southern coast.

 If guests wish to fly privately direct to Narsarsuaq, special arrangements can be made depending on the aircraft desired and runway distance requirements.


DAy 1

Upon your arrival to Greenland, you will be greeted by our guide staff and escorted to the Legend, your new home for the week. Once aboard Legend, you will be surrounded by the rich history and beauties of the Erik's Fjord. Named after Erik The Red, this fjord plays a large part in Viking history and there is no better place to begin a legendary adventure.

Before departing the Erik's Fjord, stretch your legs by taking an afternoon walk in the village of Brattahild, home to Erik The Red, or take a hike to Signal Mountain and gain your bearings as you overlook the Narsasuaq and Qooroq Glacier.

 After a day of traveling, retire aboard the Legend as we head west to the village of Narsaq.

Day 2

On day two you will awake to the small village of Narsaq. Known for its agriculture, rare minerals, and abundant sheep farms, this small village is believed to be the first settlement of the Norsemen people dating back to 1000 AD.

Behind this quaint farm village, you will find the picturesque 560-meter Mount Qaqqarsuaq. For a scenic view of the village enjoy a short trek or visit the Norse ruins and museum in the village center.

After a brief stop in Narsaq, take one of Legend’s many tenders for a cruise to the Qaleraliq or Qqalorutsit Glaciers. If you wish to take to the sky rather than the sea, gain a new perspective of the sheer size of Greenland’s immense ice cap by taking flight on your own personal A-Star Helicopter as we seek out the crystal blue freshwater lakes, rivers, and waterfalls that form on the ice cap each summer. These beautiful streams are a photographers dream as the vivid blue water creates a stunning picture of the power of nature as it carves its way through the ice sheet on its way to the ocean.   

Upon your return, enjoy a delicious 5-star meal in anyone of Legend’s beautiful dining rooms as we reminisce about the day's adventure.


Day 3

On the morning of day three, relax as we set off on a 3-hour journey south to the village of Qaqortoq, a Greenlandic hot spot for art, culture and outdoor activities. Throughout the morning enjoy breakfast, take a dip in the onboard hot tub or receive a massage from one of Legends world class masseuses. After a revitalizing morning, climb up to the observation bridge as we approach the colorful village of Qaqortoq.

Founded in 1775,  Qaqortoq is the largest city in southern Greenland and offers numerous activities from shops, restaurants and cultural treasures. The best way to see the charming village is by foot, as your stroll will take you to the sculpture exhibition, Stone & Man. This art walk will take you around the city as you enjoy forty beautiful sculptures from many worldwide artists. During your trek, stop by the local market or allow our guides to organize a picnic near the lake above town.

For those that are looking to add a little more adventure to their stop in Qaqortoq, take a sea kayak or skiff trip to local icebergs or the Norsemen Church Ruins.

 At the end of the day's adventure, our team can organize blue ice glacier cocktails and local farm to table cuisine that are sure to warm your heart and soul.

Day 4

Day four will begin the trek to Southern Greenland. As we descend the coastline through the intricate system of fjords and icebergs we will pass through Alluitsup Paa, a picturesque settlement  with immense history dating back to the early 10th century.

As we arrive in our final destination for the day, just a bit further south east of Alluitsup Paa, you will be greeted by many geothermal hot springs ranging from 90 to 100 degrees fahrenheit (34-38 celcius). The hot springs are known for having a plethora of whales and icebergs just off shore. Making this one of the most exciting hot springs you could visit in your lifetime. After rejuvenating in the natural spa you may take a sightseeing flight into the neighboring Qingagssat Qaqit Mountain range. The sheer size of these mountains and the many Glacier lakes are sure to provide once in a lifetime photo opportunities.

After an exciting day of exploring Southern Greenlands unique treasures, you will end your day on one of the Legends many heated outdoor patios to enjoy the soft hues of the everlasting sunset.

Day 5

Day five you will awake in Tasiusaq, a small village sitting near Kuusuaq River, the most sought after Salmon River in South Greenland.

 You will begin your day with an exquisite breakfast aboard the Legend to fuel up for the trek to the mouth of the Kuusuaq River. You will trek along the Saputit path, a path created by Tasiusaq’s inhabitants, through a truly alpine setting to Tasersuaq Lake. Once you arrive at the lake you may try your hand at catching arctic salmon.

 If you wish, you may have the chefs aboard the Legend prepare the mouthwatering Salmon caught during the day's adventure. After supper you can enjoy entertainment in the form of musical drum dance and theatrical tale of old mythical Greenlandic legend.

Day 6

Day six will take you from the previous day’s staging area, Tasiusaq, 16 miles away where you will begin the trek to the base of Ulamertorssuaq. Ulamertorssuaq is considered one of the top ten climbing walls in the world. The granite towers form a line of three satellite peaks to the main mass of Ulamertorssuaq. The unique beauty of this granite mountain is indescribable and can only be experienced in person. Accompanied by a team of highly experienced mountain guides you will hike from the staging area of the Legend to the base of Ulamertorssuaq with the opportunity for helicopter flightseeing and a flight back to the Legend. Throughout this hike you may see many of the local Greenlandic caribou.

Upon your return to the Legend you will unwind and dine while overlooking the Tasermiut glacier.

Day 7

After experiencing much of what Southern Greenland has to offer, you will begin the trek back to Erik's Fjord via the Legend. As you spend this time reliving the beauty of southern Greenland there will be many opportunities to explore new sights utilizing the ship's many tenders, jet skis and helicopter. *

Day 8

On day eight, take in the beauty of Greenland as you enjoy breakfast amongst the sights and sounds of the world that surrounds you. On no other vessel could you experience the raw natural wonder of Greenland in such comfort and style.  

Upon your return, allow our team to escort you to the Narsarsuaq Airport via tender or personal helicopter. As you board your return flight home, the possibilities of this vessel will keep you dreaming as you plan your next Legend escape.


Prolonged Itineraries in Tasiusaq

*Dependent on weather conditions and group size, you may choose to remain in the area of Tasiusaq, where you can enjoy more hiking and exploring of what is often considered Greenland’s Yosemite. On the morning of day 8 we can then transport you via helicopter to the Narsarsuaq Airport prior to your return flight home.

Additional Activities:

  • Cultural Craft Lesson
  • Ice Climbing/ Trekking
  • Mountaineering
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Helicopter Flight Seeing
  • Norseman Culture Entertainment
  • Overnight Trekking Expeditions
  • Photo Tours
  • Gastronomy
  • Whale Watching

Optional Add On: Spring Helicopter Skiing- Condition Permitting

Optional Add On: Submarine Iceberg Exploration

Optional Add On: Landscape Photography Lessons

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