Ship kisaq itinerary:  an experience of a lifetime

Known for its expansive glaciers and close relationship with the sea, Greenland is an exhilarating travel experience for anyone looking to ski in complete solitude. Powderbird invites you to experience the culture, history, outdoor activities, and Greenlandic environment that makes this country so breathtaking.


Getting To Greenland

Getting to Greenland is a wonderful journey across cultures and time zones. Because of the historical, political and economic connections between Greenland and Denmark, our first stop will be in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. We’ll spend an afternoon touring around the ancient city, visiting sites like Tivoli Gardens, the Little Mermaid Statue, the Amalienborg and Christiansborg palaces, Rosenborg Castle, Frederik’s Church, and many museums, restaurants and nightclubs. The following morning, it’s off to Greenland aboard an Air Greenland flight to Kangerlussuaq, and then on to our final destination, the island town of Maniitsoq.


Leg 1) Origin to Copenhagen, Denmark (CPH)


Leg 2) Copenhagen, Denmark to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland


Leg 3) Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Maniitsoq, Greenland (JSU)


When booking flights from Copenhagen to Maniitsoq, it is important to book all travels as a single reservation to ensure Air Greenland will assist with lodging and alternative flights in the scenario weather affects your travels.


DAy 1

On day one, you will be traveling from Copenhagen to Maniitsoq. A stop in Kangerlussuaq will give you the chance to eat lunch at one of the few local restaurants before making your way to Maniitsoq. The final flight will give you the first glimpse of the mountainous terrain that you’ll have the chance to ski. Upon your arrival you will be escorted to the ship, Kisaq, your new home for the week. Once on board, your guides will organize any needed equipment for the week's adventure. You’ll spend the evening getting familiar with the ship while going over ship orientation and safety.

Day 2

On day two, you will awake to a delicious breakfast and the feeling of excitement as you prepare for your first ski day. Mountain safety orientation will begin and the guides will explain everything from airbags, avalanches, and the aircraft. Shortly after, it will be time to boot up, lift off and take in the seemingly infinite beauty of Greenland. You will quickly recognize why Greenland is like no other ski destination in the world. With mountains rising from the North Atlantic and towering over the quaint villages below, Greenland holds some of the most coveted ski terrain in the Northern Hemisphere.

Day 3-6

On days three through six, you will arise to panoramic sea views and endless possibilities. Constantly entrenched in the fjords and vast mountain ranges of Greenland, our guides work to make everyday of your trip the absolute best that it can be. The beauty in staying on Ship Kisaq is the opportunity to travel to different destinations throughout your time at sea. You’ll experience first hand how vast and remote the area is as your group navigates through the deep blue fjords to meet the helicopter. You’ll find yourself creating fresh tracks on virgin slopes while gazing out upon the sea in no time.


Each day will be based on putting you in the very best position to enjoy a day of heli-skiing in the most prominent ski locations.  Staying on Ship Kisaq provides great opportunity for adventure on down time. The Bird Cliffs of Sermilinqaaq and Ice Cube Beach at Maniitsup Sermilia are two noteworthy destinations that can be easily accessed. Ski touring and fishing are also a great way to immerse yourself into the seemingly endless beauty of Greenland on days when weather may not allow you to heli-ski.  


After your day of adventure you will return back to Ship Kisaq just in time to indulge in a variety of local cuisine consisting of crab, musk, ox, reindeer and potentially your own catch of the day.

Day 7

Day seven is the final day for you to enjoy the infinite possibilities of backcountry skiing that Greenland has to offer. Kick back and relax as your ski day wraps up early afternoon. The ship will cruise through the fjords and return to the quaint town of Maniitsoq. Upon your arrival, grab a cozy jacket and warm drink before you head to the observation bridge for an unmatched view of the Aurora Borealis dancing over the Davis Strait.

Day 8

On day eight, you’ll find yourself getting used to life on the water with neighboring tidewater glaciers as you reflect on your trip over breakfast on the ship. Your guides will bring you to the airport for your 8:30 am flight.

As you board your return flight home, the possibilities of this wondrous area will keep you dreaming as you plan your next Heliskiing trip.


Additional Activities:

  • Cultural Craft Lesson
  • Ice Climbing/ Trekking
  • Mountaineering
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Helicopter Flight Seeing
  • Norseman Culture Entertainment
  • Overnight Trekking Expeditions
  • Photo Tours
  • Gastronomy
  • Whale Watching

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