Legend greenland itinerary: an experience of a lifetime

For those guests that are looking to experience beauties of the Arctic in unmatched safety and luxury, join us aboard Legend for an adventure of a lifetime. For those that have never experienced the stunning landscape of the Arctic, Greenland offers a remarkable balance of pristine ocean fjords and towering mountain peaks. Upon your arrival to Greenland you will be captured by the welcoming hue of the midnight sun and vibrant culture.

The Vessel

Few yachts can match the experience that Legend has to offer. Built-in 1974 as a class 1 icebreaker, this vessel was designed to meet the challenges of the Arctic. During her time operating in some of the worlds most dangerous locations, she gained a trusted reputation as a formidably powerful ship on which many other vessels relied on for their safety.

 Then after her days of service, the vessels new owner had big dreams and began a massive rebuilt and refit. Today she is called Legend and offers her guests the ultimate experience in luxury expedition yachts. 

Capable of hosting 26 guests, Legend specializes in total luxury with an eye for safety and strength. On board, Legend offers everything you can wish for. From a Balinese spa, a giant heated outdoor jacuzzi, a gym with panoramic views, a piano salon with a great view and a cinema for cozy evenings after a long day in the mountains. Legend comes with a commercially certified Helicopter-deck that stretches the boundaries of conventional expeditions.

Also onboard is a private Airbus Astar B3 Helicopter, multiple tenders, zodiacs, paddle boards, jet-skis, and snowmobiles.


13 State Rooms for up to 26 guests 

Deck jacuzzi for 13

Balinese spa

Gym / exercise equipment

Multiple bars, lounges, dining rooms and observations decks. 



Video on Demand system





Skis & Snowboards Equipment


Length : 77.4 m Guests : 26 Built : 1974 / 2015 Cruising speed : 11 knots

Beam : 13.5 m Crew : 24 Builder: IHC Location : worldwide cruising

Draft : 6.5 m Staff : 10 Hull : Steel Ice Class super yacht


Getting To Greenland

Travel Leg 1) Our guest journey will begin in Copenhagen, Denmark (CPH) our connection point to Greenland. Upon your arrival, take the afternoon to explore the many seaside restaurants, shops and historical landmarks of this charming city.  

Travel Leg 2) The following morning, our guests will depart Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq Greenland (SFJ), the international hub of Greenland. Whether you wish to travel by Private or Commercial aircraft, Kangerlussuaq is your gateway to the Arctic.   

Travel Leg 3) Upon your arrival in Kangerlussuaq, our guests have the option to fly private helicopter directly to Legend or catch an Air Greenland Dash 8 Turboprop flight to Ilulissat, Greenland (JAV) to rendezvous with the Legend.

Day 1

Once aboard Legend, you will be welcomed by the warm staff and architecture of the vessel as we prepare for our venture across Disko Bay to Disko Island, our first helicopter skiing zone of the trip. During the voyage you will have ample time to explore the many hidden treasures of the vessel and get acquainted with the many amenities the ship has to offer.

Day 2

You will awake to the village of Qeqertarsuaq and the towering Peaks of Disco Island.  Recognized for its diverse landscape, Disco Island offers an array of activities along with unmatched views of the bays enchanting icebergs. During our time in Qeqertarsuaq, enjoy a snowmobile ride or experience the power of an arctic dog sled team as your venture to the Lyngmark Glacier for a picnic above the sea. If you desire a little more exercise take a hike along the coast or gear up for a day helicopter skiing as we seek out first descents throughout the islands vast mountain range.

Day 3

We will continue North along the East Coast of Disko Island to the Nuussuaq Peninsula where you will explore summits reaching 2100 meters and crystal clear glacier-filled lakes. As you pioneer new ski terrain and explore some of the worlds most massive glaciers, you will find peace in the solitude of the mountains as you are one of the few that had the opportunity to observe these melting giants. After a day of flying over mountain peaks, gather for an evening of fun in the piano bar with a custom wine tasting prepared by your very own sommelier.

Day 4

While you continue experiencing life aboard The Legend take a day to rest and simply enjoy the many amenities and activities the vessel has to offer. Get a massage, take an arctic plunge on the vessels large swimming platform and then soak of the sunshine from the outdoor Jacuzzi. After a day of relaxation, sample the many delicious treats prepared by the Legend crew, share a craft cocktail with glacial ice or share a few laughs in the library before an evening of fine dining.

Day 5

As you begin the journey back to Ilulissat, you will be engulfed in the Arctic's extraordinary landscape. Wildlife, icebergs, and seemingly endless glaciers will be among the many sights. One glacier you will be exposed to is the very active Eqip Sermia. Not only is the Eqip Sermia the most active calving glacier in Greenland, it is also very accessible. Exploring this glacier provides for a breathtaking experience as you watch large ice chunks break off the glacier into the water. Eqip Sermia glacier also provides for hiking opportunities. Stretch your legs once more as you explore the many vantage points provided by this beautiful hike. 


Upon your arrival to Ilulissat our guests have the opportunity to visit the Ilulissat Icefjord, a World Heritage Site, and home to the Jakobshavn Glacier, one of the worlds fastest moving ice sheets. After a day of hiking, our guest can dine at the Hotel Arctic, take a walk through the colorful village or return to the Legend for a celebratory dinner. With an abundance of culture, an evening in Ilulissat is the perfect way to conclude your Greenlandic adventure. 


On the last day of your voyage celebrate this legendary adventure with morning mimosas on the top deck as you watch the sun rise over the Ilulissat Glacier. After a farewell from the crew, you will be accompanied to the village of Ilulissat for your flight to Kangerlussuaq and then onward to home.

Room Types 

All rooms are categorized by size and amenities. Note that all beds can be organized for single or double occupancy. 

 Category 5 Room - The Owners Suite- This one of a kind 63 m2 suite offers his and her bathrooms, a walk-in closet, Jacuzzi, fireplace, and both port and starboard views. 

Category 4 Room - The 45 m2 cabins include a full walk-in closet, bathroom, lounge, and office 

Category 3 Room - These 30 m2 cabins, offer generously sized cabin with a full bath.

Category 2 Room - These 25 m2 cabins offer you a half bath, large desk and chair, and give you enough space to relax

Category 1 Room - These 16 m2 cabins are compact but extremely comfortable with a private half bath.


Down day & Additional Activities:

  • Dog Sledding
  • Ski Touring
  • Unique Dining
  • Hiking
  • Boat Tours
  • Ice Climbing/ Trekking
  • Mountaineering
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Gastronomy
  • Whale Watching

Additional Sights and actives in Ilulissat:

  • Nature and Hiking
    • Sermermiut: When hiking to the old settlement of Sermermiut, you are walking along Ilulissat Ice Fjord. From here the view of the stranded icebergs is absolutely perfect.

    • Sailing among the Icebergs: Go on a boat trip among the icebergs, under the midnight sun- it is an experience unlike anything else!
    • Whale Safari: It is possible to go on a whale safari surrounded by icebergs in the Disko Bay. The boat trip gives you plenty of time to observe the giants of the sea at close range.
  • City Walk
    • A walk around town on your own or with a guide is a must do. Ilulissat is, no doubt, a unique place and the view to the impressive icebergs floating in the Disko Bay is a spectacular sight. Around the town, you will see sled dogs waiting for the winter to come.
  • Brættet
    • Centrally placed in the town we find “Brættet”, where fishermen and local hunters sell their fresh catch to citizens and tourists. The supply is varied, and you will often find halibut, cod, seal and occasionally reindeer -, muskox -, and whale meat.
  • Museum
    • The Greenlandic Art Museum, one of the two museums in Ilulissat, exhibits many works by A. Peterson which documents the landscape and people of Greenland. Ilulissat is also home to the Knud Rasmussen Museum. Knud, a polar explorer, brought much attention to the Inuit culture.
  • Kayak Harbor
    • The harbor is centrally located in the old part of town next to the hospital. Kayaking has been a key activity in Greenlanders way of life. Take a walk around Ilulissat's Kayak harbor and you will find handmade kayaks.  You might even see the locals kayaking and practicing the Eskimo roll.

  • Crafts
    • The town provides a well-stocked supply of shops selling beautiful handcrafts. This is a great stop to purchase unique souvenirs. Some of the local artists have a workshop near the harbor, and people are welcome to pop in to see them processing bone and tooth into beautiful jewelry.
  • Huskies
    • During the months of September through May you will often encounter many dog sleds. Ilulissat is known for having a population of sled dogs as large as the number of inhabitants. Be sure to take a ride on the dog sled to get the true local experience.
  • Restaurants
    • Ilulissat, being a very culturally rich town has many great options for dining. Local cuisine includes a lot of delicious free ranging lamb, reindeer, muskox, shrimp and halibut. 

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