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Greenland is the world's largest island and is an exhilarating travel experience for anyone looking to journey through the Arctic. Powderbird Greenland invites you to to experience the culture, history, outdoor activities, and Greenlandic environment that makes this country so uniquely breathtaking.


History, Culture & the original people of greenland

Greenlandic history and culture starts in 2500 BC when Paleo-Eskimos first traveled to Greenland.  Since then, scores of immigrants have adapted to the challenging environment of living in the Arctic land. As there is no agriculture in most parts of Greenland,  Inuit hunting and fishing remain essential. While in Greenland, take in the unique architecture which is famous for its multi-colored dwellings and modern Scandinavian style buildings. Crafts are also an essential part of the Greenlandic-Inuit culture, as is fashion and Greenlandic jewelry and art. 


Greenland outdoor activities

In addition to heli-skiing, Greenland's arctic lands boast a tremendous amount of outdoor activities that include dog sledding, kayaking, fly fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, ski touring, and snowshoeing. Guided tours are available for all outdoor activities and will surely be an experience that you'll remember for a lifetime. 


The Wonderful wildlife of Greenland

Be awed by Greenland's wonderful wildlife than call the sea, land and air home. You'll likely encounter a variety of wildlife in Greenland's vast wilderness that include sea eagles, seals, whales, polar bears, reindeer, oxen, and many types of birds. Greenland also has many guided safaris that focus on wildlife tours. 


Explore Greenland's land, sea, & Sky

The warm glow of the Greenland's midnight sun is a rare sight to see. The midnight sun allows for outdoor adventures and exploration to happen no matter the time of day.  If you're lucky, you may also catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights - a natural phenomenon that will be a sight you'll never forget. When you're not looking in awe at the Greenland sky, go flightseeing to take in Greenland's unique landscape from all around you. From either land, sea, or sky; you'll be able to view the ice caps, glaciers, and endless snow that blanket the world's largest island.

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